Meet Marcy Kay

Marcy Kay, a native Texan, is a young mother creating a life of freedom for herself utilizing her creative mindset. Her super powers include keeping half a dozen of the world's future brilliants alive, creating eye-catching artwork to increase companies' visibility with their target markets, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

In her spare time, which is admittedly a rarity, she enjoys scrapbooking to document her children's lives, amusement parks, and her guilty pleasure would have to be squeezing in an episode or two of her favorite dramas, which consist of Grey's Anatomy, the Chicago series, and Law & Order SVU. 

She thrives working with people who are as passionate about life as she is. She values authenticity and believes in seeing the good in others.

"The most fruitful relationships are those where we walk away from the process having learned something new."